Morgan Total Wi-Fi solution

With the widespread adoption of smart phones, iPhones, iPads, and other modern technological gadgets, the need for connectivity has never been greater. Users expect reliable Wi-Fi services anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors, but that simply hasn’t been possible in some places. However, whether you’re providing a Wi-Fi service for a commercial or residential building, a municipality, a hotel, or an educational campus, MICT Wi-Fi solution is the ideal choice for any connectivity, coverage, and capacity needs.
MICT Wi-Fi solutions offer the best performance in terms of throughput, range, indoor penetration, and interference mitigation. This ensures that service operators are able to deploy their wireless networks quickly and effectively. MICT Wi-Fi solutions will revolutionize the market by providing superior connectivity and greater coverage in a cost-effective package for users.
•More affordable (CAPEX & OPEX)
•Higher quality
•Use existing subscribers’ DB
•All existing pricing models
•All security concerns are covered
Can host a wide range of applications

Morgan call center hosting solutions

Morgan call center hosting solution service is one of the most trusted call center service providers in the industry. We have combined an amazing business call center service with a passion of technology and customer service to develop an essential solution for any company  looking to stay ahead in our "on demand" world.
• Increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Increase the experience and the efficiency of the agents.
• Reduce the cost.
• Get detailed reports from the system.
• Dealing with many types of communication media.

Remote Community solution (RCS)

The high capital outlay typically associated with macro-base station sites and the exceptionally high operational overhead costs, particularly for transmission and power supply, have all been major barriers for mobile network operators considering mobile service rollouts to remote areas in emerging markets.
According to the BMI Sudan telecommunications reports for the third quarter of 2011, two-thirds of Sudan’s mobile penetration remains below 40%, meaning that many small enterprises and villages in remote regions still lack an effective means of communicating. These remote, neglected communities present a major service-delivery challenge for regional operators, but also a serious revenue-generating opportunity.
One remote community communication solution is a mobile communication system that targets areas with limited or nonexistent telecom infrastructure, often those outside the power grid where subscriber populations (with low ARPU) don’t support a large-scale network installation.

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